Successful Case Results

Freedom and Justice for AllThe following are examples of acquittals at trial and dismissals by Mr. Lamb. While these are examples of successful case results, they are not intended to guarantee any particular result in your case.

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  • (LIFE CASE) Armed Robbery/Assault with a Firearm Jury Trial – Client was charged with felony robbery [PC 211] with a great bodily injury enhancement that carried 25 YEARS TO LIFE IN PRISON [PC 12022.53]. Client was also charged with 2 felony counts of assault with a firearm [PC 245(a)(2)], with special allegations of personal use [PC 12022.5]. Client did not deny the shooting, but stated he acted in self-defense and that there was no robbery. The jury found client NOT GUILTY!
  • Criminal Threats Jury Trial – Client was charged with two felony counts of criminal threats [PC 422]. A felony conviction of this crime in California is considered a “strike” under California’s “three-strikes-law” [PC 1192.7(c)]. Despite the “victims” having poor character for telling the truth, the prosecutor refused to dismiss the charges. The jury found client NOT GUILTY on both counts!
  • First Degree Residential Burglary Jury Trial – Client was charged with felony residential burglary, with a special allegation of a person present and an arming enhancement [PC 459]. The “person present” allegation made this a “violent” strike felony in California [PC 667.5(c)]. The jury found client NOT GUILTY!
  • Dui Jury Trial – Client denied he was the driver at the time of an accident. The police testified that client admitted to being the driver. The jury disagreed and found client NOT GUILTY!
  • Domestic Violence Jury Trial – Client was arrested following an argument with a domestic partner and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence [PC 273.5]. She called the police and stated that my client abused her. She later admitted that she lied to the police, but the prosecutor refused to dismiss the case. We successfully took the case to jury trial and the jury found client NOT GUILTY!
  • Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Jury Trial – Client was charged with felony forcible oral copulation with an enhancement for personal use of a firearm [PC 288a/12022.5], felony criminal threats [PC 422] and misdemeanor domestic violence [PC 243 (e)(1)]. Client denied the allegations, and the complaining party had a history of making false domestic reports. The prosecutor still refused to dismiss. The jury found client not of the most serious crime, PC 288a/12022.5. Unfortunately client was convicted of the unrelated criminal threat charge, but the misdemeanor was later dismissed. However, with this acquittal client served 2 years in prison INSTEAD of 18 YEARS IN PRISON!
  • Felony Auto Theft Jury Trial – Client was charged with felony auto theft [CVC 10851]. The police testified that client admitted to being the driver at the time of arrest. Client denied he made the admissions. The result was a HUNG JURY, which lead to a misdemeanor settlement of the case.


  • Client charged with assault with a firearm [PC 245(a)(2)], a “strike” in California. Client was elderly and was being abused by a member of his household. When the abuse became too much, client used a gun to defend himself and ordered the abuser out client’s house. No shots were fired, but the prosecutor still charged client with assault. The defense was able to demonstrate the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, and it was dismissed without client having to face the risks of trial!
  • Client charged with two counts of assault with a firearm [PC 245(a)(2)], “strikes” in California. The defense demonstrated that this was a dispute between neighbors that got out of hand, leading to allegations being made. After a thorough defense investigation, the prosecutor dismissed all charges!
  • Client charged with attempted murder [PC 187/664], and other charges related to a shooting inside a nightclub. Defendant was convicted of the shooting, but was saved LIFE IN PRISON after the defense convinced the prosecution that it could not prove the necessary intent at a re-trial. As a result, the prosecution dismissed the attempted murder charge.
  • Client charged with robbery [PC 211]. Client was the driver of a vehicle involved in a robbery. The passenger, a co-defendant, was the actual perpetrator. The police reports stated that client played an active role in the robbery. However, the defense investigation revealed that the police reports were wrong, and that my client was in fact not a participant in the robbery. The prosecution dismissed the case against client.
  • Client charged with felony grand theft [PC 487] and felony receiving stolen property [PC 496]. Following a defense investigation, we were successful in getting both charges dismissed.
  • Client charged with felony domestic violence [PC 273.5]. The police were called to a domestic dispute, and client was arrested and charged. The defense investigation revealed that witnesses in the house at the time of the arrest were never interviewed by police, and that heavy drinking was involved. When witness interviews were turned over to the prosecutor by defense, the case was dismissed on the eve of trial.
  • Client charged with 2 felony counts of identity theft [PC 530.5] and felony burglary of a vehicle [PC 459]. Defendant was falsely identified on surveillance as the perpetrator. The defense investigation of this case resulted in a successful dismissal of all charges.